Direct To Garment (DTG): Printing in full colour directly onto a TShirt / Garment. DTG printing produces a digital print of your artwork through what is essentially a modified version of a traditional inkjet printer. The big difference between a ‘traditional 
inkjet printer’ and a ‘DTG printer’ is that the inks are specially adapted for printing onto TShirts.


DTG offers more flexibility than screenprinting in terms of colour variation, drop shadows, half tones and has a faster turn-around time. 

DTG printers can print just about any 
image and customization 
is simple.

Choose your T-Shirt/Product and upload your design or choose from Thousands of store designs. 

We endeavour at all times to offer our clients the best quality at a fair price. We do understand that from time to time other companies may offer a sub-standard product at a lower price. Even if this product does not meet our quality standards we will still try matching the price on presentation of a written quote.  

Check that the artwork and size of the T-Shirt is correct and proceed to the checkout.

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