We are suppliers of high quality rubber stamps customised to your specification. 
We use high quality materials for our stamps. This ensures the stamps we produce are as durable as you need them to be.

We will be using your artwork to fill your order - The stamp will only be as good 
as any artwork supplied. Remember the size of the stamp will determine how 
much artwork will be visible and legible. Very intricate designs or too many 
words on small stamps are not usually a good idea.

We endeavor at all times to offer our clients the best quality at a fair price. We do understand that from time to time other companies may offer a sub-standard product at a lower price. Even if this product does not meet our quality standards we will still try matching the price on presentation of a written quote.  

Refer to our products page and your relevant stamp size to make sure that the artwork you send to us fits into prescribed dimensions. Allow for an extra 2mm-3mm margin within your stamp size, as the actual stamp size will 
serve as the cutting line and could damage your design if this is not catered for.

We manufacture stamps of very high quality! We customise stamps to your specification in either our "Trodat Printy" or "Trodat Professional" Range. You can also choose from either Date Stamps or our Text Stamps. We take great pride in going that extra mile for our customers stamp needs, ensuring that every stamp "Made By Us" is a stamp we can be proud of.   


The Professional Line is the best stamp for 24/7 use. Whether at the bank teller's terminal, the doctor's office or your office, the self-inking stamp with integrated stamping pad is preferred by the professional.

These are the most common rubber stamps. They are fully customisable and have a built in inkpad which automatically inks the stamp after every impression.