Sizes Available

Our button badges are available in 5 different sizes being 25mm, 37mm, 44mm, 58mm and 75mm. From experience these 5 sizes are the most popular sizes requested.



Our badge equipment is able to produce 45000 thousand button badges a day and we only use the best quality components. All our button badge backs are injection molded. This makes the badge more uniform, safer, stronger and rust free.  All our badges have quality pins that ensure the badge won't 
pop-off every time you wear it.


Prices are based on one supplied design that is supplied as per our artwork guide on and our Production lead time is determined by order quantity.


Please contact us on 011 794 7593 or email us at for further assistance.

We endeavour at all times to offer our clients the best quality at a fair price. We do understand that from time to time other companies may offer a sub-standard product at a lower price. Even if this badge does not meet our quality standards we will still try matching the price on presentation of a written quote.  

We will be using your artwork to fill your order - The badges will only be as good 
as any artwork supplied. Remember the size of the badge will determine how much 
artwork will be visible and legible. Very intricate designs or too many words on 
small badges are not usually a good idea.



The Bleed is the red highlight area indicating the part between the Cut line and 
the edge of the badge. We do not recommend your “readable” artwork extends into the bleed area. Background pictures or colours should form part of the bleed area, 
and this bleed ensures we cover the entire surface visible on the badge.

The blue outline is the Safe/Viewing area where your “legible” artwork may be 
placed to ensure it is visible on the face of the badge.

When designing your badge, you must take into account the following: 
The Cut line, the Bleed and the Safe/Viewing Area.

The Cut line is the area outlined in black, it's our guideline to cut out the badge.


What makes us No.1? High quality laminated digital prints, making your artwork STAND OUT, injection molded badge backs making OUR Button Badges RUST FREE, with a production capacity of over 40 000 badges per day

Locally Produced in our own SA Factory! 

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.


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Jacaranda Avenue, Olivedale

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