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DTG Wash test challenge

Our clients have asked, and we have listened. One of the most frequently asked questions is "How does a DTG print cope after multiple washes?". We at TShirts are constantly trying to improve our products and help our customers understand the various aspects of TShirt printing, so we have set ourselves a mini challenge. Follow this article as we wash the same printed black shirt and report back on the outcome.

In this test we are utilizing the following:

TShirt:160g Black shirt, 100% cotton, carded

Pre-treated: Yes

Heat applied to pre-treatment: 180 deg. For 35 seconds

Design: 'Kult Heretic Kingdoms'

Size of Print: 300mm x 450mm

Ink Usage: White: 3.71cc / CMYK: 0,44 cc

Curing:Heat Tunnel at 165 deg. for 3 minutes

Washing: As per TShirt washing instructions:

Cold wash, shirt inside out, print not ironed

Wash 1: Results 28/08/2015:

The image on the far left is the original unwashed shirt. The image on the right is after one wash. There was no noticeable colour loss or image quality loss (the lighting does give some variation in the shirt/print colors). We will be posting close ups at the 5 wash point as well as more photos like these.

Wash 3: Results 06/09/2015:

After the third washing and drying….. still no real noticeable difference. Note, that a good quality shirt will definitely make a difference to the washability/fastness of a digital print as well.

Wash 5: Results 15/09/2015:

Once again, no visible colour loss. The pretreatment, white and colour inks are holding incredibly well and there are no signs of image breakdown.

Wash 6 & 7: Results 28/09/2015:

There was some color loss of maybe about 5 -10% on CMYK colors, which would be relatively standard loss for those colors (and many DTG inks in general). The pretreatment and white underbase is holding incredibly well and there are no signs of image breakdown.


After around 30 washes I'm pleased to say that the image still looks really good but the T-Shirt has started to wear a bit which is perfectly normal.

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