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Name Badges

The process involved with making a name badge may seem simple but there are quite a few processes that need to be followed...

Let me take you for a walk through the process.

1. We firstly begin with the artwork layout making sure that the names and company details are correct.

2. Setup your artwork for print, using streamlined software along with cutting-edge digital technology. We print out your name badges onto high quality vinyl and die cut the printed images to the desired shape and size. All our printing,delivers full colour high resolution prints.

3. It then gets taken to - “The Dome Room” - to be resin domed with a clear gel resin and left to set overnight. The next morning we take the “domed sticker” and fit it onto a custom cut ABS backing. This then gets fitted with a finishing of your choice, either a magnet or pin backing.

4. Your name badge goes through to quality control, ensuring that the clients requirements have been met.

5. We are proud to hand over to you - your Name Badge

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